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Have a project that doesn’t suit any of the service categories we offer? Talk to us about it. We at Next Painting are skilled painters serving customers in the Melbourne area who can provide you with any property makeovers you have in mind.

The breadth of our team’s experience here at Next Painting means we have a wide selection of services. This is because we have equally as much experience at our disposal since our decorative services have been providing for the Melbourne area for over 30 years. Therefore, we offer a range of additional services that will give your interior and exterior a much-needed boost.

  • Any interior and exterior painting you have in mind, tailored to your liking.
  • Fire and smoke damage repair to keep your property up-to-date with all the fire-safety regulations necessary.
  • Wallpaper removal and installation completed by professionals to give the walls of your interior that accent and pop you’ve been looking for.
  • Eco-friendly solutions to make sure your property is up-to-date with green standards.
  • Historic home restoration to ensure that traditional infrastructure is maintained and repaired back to its original, authentic form.
  • Custom colour-matching advised by our colour palette experts, to ensure that the hue and shades used for painting suit your living and/or workspace.
  • Cedar staining to ensure that the cedar wood in your home is vibrant, protected, and long-lasting.
  • Caulking to fill those gaps or seams with a waterproof sealant: necessary for your shower or bathtub to prevent water damage.
  • Light carpentry repairs for refinishing your woodwork, installing new fixtures, or making any functional/cosmetic changes to your existing furniture.
  • Epoxy floor coating to protect your concrete and industrial floorings, common in garages.
  • Pressure washing and cleaning to clean the outside of your property in a cost-effective way.
  • Faux painting and finishing, using decorative paint to replicate the appearance of marble, wood or stone.
  • Mould and mildew eradication to remove those damaging growths on your property and ensure they do not reappear.
  • Staining and panting for fences and decks to give your patio and exterior a consistent, refined look.
  • Spray mirror finishing to make all your mirrors have factory-grade polish.
  • Plaster repairs for damaged walls with cracks, holes, and sagging areas.
  • 2-pack door spraying for maintaining doors and making sure they are functioning, properly placed and have polish.

You deserve to be completely satisfied with your beautiful home. Luckily, Next Painting boasts most services to repair your home and keep it up-to-date.

However, we do more than just homes. Be they commercial properties, industrial, corporate, factories, showrooms, offices, shopping centres, schools, hotels or any other property that is in need of our painting and repair services — we have you covered. Our expertise allows us to process your request in a timely fashion, saving you both money while also providing professional painting and repair services to those in the Melbourne area.

Our three decades-worth of experience means we are well-qualified to address any painting-related and/or decorative question you have. This is why we’re more than just painters — we also offer expert consulting services for home remodeling, to ensure that the look and feel of your new commercial or residential property match what you expect. We are concerned with making your decorative ideas and expectations a reality. We expect your honest opinions throughout the entire process, ensuring we fine-tune your property’s design into what you’ve been waiting for.

There’s a reason we put an emphasis on customer care: we want you to be happy with the result and rely on us for all your painting and repairing needs. We believe our services should be hassle-free and we will try our best to meet any timeline or specification you have in mind. Once we complete the job, we will also give you a complimentary touch-up kit to try out other colours for any future modifications. With our quality guarantee, you rest assured and be confident that our high standard means we will meet all your order requests to the best of our ability.

To request assistance on any issue you have with your residential or commercial property, please get in touch with one of our professional house painters.

Contact 0412 521 110 or submit a request via our contact form.