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Given our professional background in painting and decorations, we decided to create our own Next Painting blog. On our blog, you can find updates written by one of our painting experts. The topics covered in our blog range from choosing the proper colour palette to how to prepare a room for decorations: whatever topic we see asked by the majority of our customers, we like writing about.

Although we can’t provide our services to customers outside of the Melbourne area, our blog allows us to reach a larger audience on painting-related services by providing content. Much of the information online today fails to really touch on the specifics of painting, including decorations, renovations and other property modifications to make your residential or commercial location prime real estate. Creating that house as a ‘work of art’ requires significant work — and that work comes with professional experience.

Here at Next Painting, we don’t shy away from our expertise. Painting is what we do best which is why this will be the hub for our ideas and guides on the subject.

So, what’s covered at our Next Painting blog? We plan on providing easy-to-read guides, articles and general blogposts on the painting industry for both your commercial and/or residential properties. Therefore, by reading our blog, you get an idea of the breath of knowledge our expert painters, decorators, and consultants know about this industry: we’ve been in the space for 30 years. These blogposts are thus a reflection of our experience, and we take the time to write them for an audience that might not be all that familiar with painting or housework. That’s OK — it’s precisely the reason we made this blog.

How to Prepare a Room for Painting

Michael Long
September 27, 2018
How to Prepare a Room for Painting Whether you are doing a DIY painting project at home, or you’re a professional painter by trade, taking the time to prepare a room for painting is essential. While it may seem like a bit of a hassle, taking the extra time to prepare the room will result […]

How to choose paint colours for your space

Michael Long
August 28, 2018
How to Choose Paint Colours For Your Space Choosing the right paint colour for a space can be overwhelming. With hundreds of colours, tones and shades to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin! The colour of a space not only contributes to its aesthetic, it also impacts on the character, […]
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