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At Next Painting, we go above and beyond just providing residential and commercial painting services. We also boast in our professional repertoire decorating services for the entire Melbourne area. Yes, that’s right — we’re bringing all of our experience in professional painting for commercial and residential painting to exterior and interior decorating. Decorating and painting go hand-in-hand so it’s a perfect match for our services and our customers have said so time and time again.

Being painting professionals, Next Painting also has extensive background in decorations. Furniture layouts, planning, repairs and modifications to existing structures are all possible. We thus offer a wide range of decorating and relevant consultation services to help assist you during the renovations. Our services will provide you with everything, from decorative finishes to wall features and lighting to furniture and original pieces of art. Exteriors or interiors, it doesn’t matter: we know how to get the decorating done right with whatever you let us work with. And we’ll tailor it specifically to your liking, precisely recreating your instructions so your decorations are what you’d best expect.



At Next Painting, we consider ourselves something like ‘colour experts.’ From a design point of view, colour is always an obvious consideration, but colour can also impact emotions and mood conveyed by the decorated space. In short, the wrong colour can ruin all the decorative work you’ve put in. So, why would you risk decorating your home only to realize that the colour was unfitting all along?

You deserve to be fully satisfied in your new home, so let us help you. With over 30 years of experience in interior design, our consultants and experts will assist you in colour-matching the right hues and shades for your interior. Turn those textures and colours into an artful display of who you are and what you want to convey. After all, your interior is what will set the mood for your entire house, so why not get it completed professionally? Call us today to discuss how to make your home into a modern day work-of-art.


Our design team can also offer consultation and interior tips if requested. For example, furniture, renovations and the organisation of interior spaces are topics that can be discussed with our experts.

Each piece of furniture in your home needs to have a set functional purpose and an aesthetic component, so that it all flows together. Sometimes, we see our clients making simple mistakes like putting tables in the center of rooms where it takes away the emphasis on the walls. You have to be selective in how you arrange your interior so that all the best aspects are accented and rendered most visible.

Most importantly, basic design components of a room can determine how you feel in the space. Many times, we’ve heard from clients who have worked with other painting and decorative firms that, after the work was done, they just didn’t feel “comfortable” in that room anymore. Something was off, as they would tell us. This is why we at Next Painting took these concerns to heart: in order for decorations in your home or commercial property to feel comfortable, there needs to be some of ‘you’ involved. This is why we go through great lengths to model our decorative service towards what you want, thus making sure it suits your original idea by the time it’s done. Our customer-centric attitude to design — fitting our services to what you want — means we can apply our professional experience to providing satisfied clients every time.

Our design team can assist you with any concerns you have on your design specifications and renovations. With three decades of experience, we can offer you the helpful advice you just might need to finally put that decorative idea into action. Just reach out to us and we’ll be sure to assist you in any way we can. To request any decorative work you want to be done on your residential or commercial property, please get in touch with one of our professional house painters. Contact 0412 521 110 or submit a request via our contact form.