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Wallpapers allow for a unique look to your business or residential home, giving it a certain flair that paint can never recreate. The seasoned experts here at Next Painting are here to make your wall-coverings easier to manage, whether it’s removing old wallpaper or decorating your walls with new ones. Next Painting offers a wide array of wallpaper looks so you can choose the one that really suits you and the feel you want for your office or room.

At Next Painting, we offer a full wallpaper installation service and we will get it done right, giving you plenty of looks and compliments when it’s completed. We like to get the project done right the first time, so we will go through great lengths to make sure everything is to your liking before getting the busywork done.

A wallpapering job can leave gaps, flaking, and damages to your walls if done poorly. Luckily, Next Painting offers professional wallpapering services on a budget cost to ensure that we do a perfect job the first time, like it’s supposed to be, instead of the second. We’ve likely all seen poorly-done wallpaper services before: the adhesive can be improperly applied, allowing for the wallpaper to peel off the walls. In other cases, the consistency could be misappropriated, creating for bumps and edges that can easily be avoided. These are novice mistakes that we have seen from our competitors and less-experienced designers time and time again.

Professional wallpapering services need to attend to a certain level of care to make sure the wallpaper has longstanding value, giving a room a vibrant aura for years to come.

However, you might be asking yourself: What criteria is needed to be met for a wallpapering job to be done well? Wallpapering has many components to it and little errors can easily be avoided by adhering to a clear process. The services we offer at Next Painting have refined the process to make design strategising and wallpapering one seamless process. However, just to give you an idea of the work that goes into wallpapering:

  • Choosing the right adhesive depending on the texture and kind of wallpaper being used.
  • Getting the measurements right. You’d be surprised how many times we’ve encountered previous wallpapering jobs that left gaps due to poorly measuring the interior.
  • Leveling the wallpaper is critical to ensure smooth walls.
  • Booking the wallpaper to prevent it from expanding on the seams, creating bubbles and gaps.

And, above all else, wallpapering has to be done in an organized way. Some individuals opt for wallpapering without considering all the important criteria beforehand, creating for lackluster results that could damage your interior when removed.

Wallpapering also has to match your expectations and you need to feel ‘comfortable’ with it, for example: in some cases the wallpaper might not look as good on the walls as it did on paper. Through our consultation, we can make sure that these mistakes are avoided and by the end of the service, you are satisfied with your new wallpaper.

Avoid any of the hassles associated with wallpapering by getting your interior remodeled and decorated through us. We’re professional decorators, painters, and wallpaper experts: it’s what we do best. We have a tried-and-true methodology that keeps the entire process organised, creating for smooth wallpapering every time. Our customers have told us of the great wallpapering work we do time and time again. Leave the worrying about the specifics to us: wallpapering should be made simple. Just choose your design for your interior and let us handle the busywork. The process is really that easy: just chose a design and we will handle the rest.

Our consultants and experts are available to speak to you and address any inquiries you may have about future wallpapering or designs you want done. To request wallpapering done on your residential or commercial property, please get in touch with one of our professional house painters. Contact 0412 521 110 or submit a request via our contact form.